10 Fun Facts about Karysa Kent


Follow Orbit Media to learn more about the management students behind the scenes of our operations. Karysa Kent, WMCO & Orbit TV Community Calendar Director, continues our series. #OrbitMedia

  1. She has been playing the trumpet since the age of 11.
  2. She was in dance for six years at Ms. Barbara Black’s and Ms. Jody’s.
  3. She was the solo dancer and choreographer for her high school musicals and advanced choirs.
  4. She was in high school color guard and was senior year captain.
  5. She was in eight choirs in 10 years and additional competition groups.
  6. She joined Orbit Media because of her obsession with criminal investigations.
  7. She realized that she was not emotionally strong enough to do investigative reporting for crimes.
  8. She was filmed doing a marching band halftime show for the movie Touchback.
  9. She was filmed singing at the Ohio State Fair for the movie Parker.
  10. She is going to have the best roommate ever next fall, Christine Holmes!

Karysa won Orbit TV’s Broadcaster of the Year for 2014-2015. Read about other featured students in our Fun Facts series.