Marty Kurtz in the WMCO Production Studio.

10 Fun Facts about Marty Kurtz


Follow Orbit Media to learn more about the management students behind the scenes of our operations. Marty Kurtz, WMCO News Director, Orbit TV Producer, and Black & Magenta staff writer, continues our series. #OrbitMedia

  1. He loves country music even though he’s from Cleveland and everyone thinks he’s a rocker.
  2. Even though he loves country music, his early music influences came from his dad, which include Bob Seger, Don McLean, and the original Jesus Christ Superstar.
  3. He finds himself as many favorite characters in his favorite TV shows. Somehow he’s a mix of Greg House from HOUSE, Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, and George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. He’s a huge baseball junkie. Stats, players, teams, games, whatever and whenever baseball is…he’s there.
  5. He used to do a lot of poetry slam stuff, and still writes occasionally.
  6. He volunteers at the local American Legion in his hometown.
  7. He has sooooo many nicknames including: Marty, Mardi Gras, Martonius, Martini, Hans, and his personal favorite, Martus.
  8. He wears hats all the time. Literally. He never leaves home without one.
  9. He has 2 tattoos, one on each wrist. They are signatures of the two biggest influences in his life, his Uncle Frank and his dad.
  10. He has a very interesting sense of sarcastic humor. It usually ends very well or very bad.

Listen to Marty on WMCO Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. and Thursdays from 10-midnight. You can also hear Marty on the call of many Muskingum Baseball games this spring.

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