Additional Study Space for Muskies


Montgomery Hall Room 207 was renovated into a new study space for Muskies throughout the day.

The Muskingum Montgomery Study Center not only features four computers and multiples tables, but also has a printer available for student use.

According to Lisa Kasper, Coordinator of Enrollment Services for Student Success, the room offers students another option when it comes to quiet study areas on the quad.

“We have a lot of study space available for students to come in,” said Kasper. “It’s just a nice quiet spot.”

Another aspect to room is it serves as a Student Success Center location during the daytime hours.

Kasper said students with commitments such as jobs, athletics in the evening and commuter students were having trouble finding time at night to meet with the success center tutors.

“We’ve seen a need for quite some time to have a daytime space,” said Kasper.

The Student Success Center hours begin at 4 p.m. on the days they’re open. According to Kasper this is the approximate time the daytime tutoring sessions will wind down as they too are using the same tutors at both locations.

Tutors for Muskies needing help in the math and writing areas during the day can look at the scheduled times for those subjects on the Student Success Center tab on the Muskingum webpage. Walk-in appointments are acceptable during those scheduled times.

“Those have been by far over the years our most popular subjects,” said Kasper.

For other subjects, Muskies are encouraged to contact Kasper at to make a tutoring appointment.

There are also forms available to be picked up in the center that can be filled out and left for Kasper. After the initial contact, Kasper will contact and tutor and schedule a session.

Though the Study Center is new, Kasper doesn’t expect increased traffic until students get farther into the semester.

“We tend to get busy around the fourth week when all the exams and assignments are due so right now it’s sort of the low-key part of the semester,” said Kasper.

The Montgomery Study Center is open Monday through Friday. Students can use the space even while a tutoring session is in progress.

A list of  courses that the staff tutors can also be found under the Student Success Center tab.