Beyond the Headlines: Hal Burlingame talks about the 55th Anniversary of WMCO


“The message was that Muskingum had a voice and that voice was WMCO and we were going to bring you the story of things that we can bring you about Muskingum and share it with our immediate community on campus and people in the immediate area.”  – Hal Burlingame, WMCO Founder

On January 28, 1961 WMCO went on the air for the first time.  For the last 55 years, WMCO has stayed on the airwaves and have had many notables members of the Long Magenta Line come through and be a part of this station.  One of WMCO’s many founders, Hal Burlingame, came to the station last week as we were planning our 55th birthday celebrations for the Kelley Coffeehouse.  Hal sat and talked about the very beginning of WMCO and how this station has had such a big impact on many Muskies.  He also talked about the legacy that this station has had, why it’s lasted this long, as well as some advice and congratulations for all the students involved with WMCO radio during it’s 55th year.

You can listen to the broadcast this Friday on Feb. 5 at 11:00 a.m. or click on the embedded SoundCloud track below.  Thank you to Hal Burlingame for taking the time to sit with us and discuss the 55th anniversary of WMCO.