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East Muskingum Schools Presents Possible Project


The East Muskingum School District is proposing a 12 million dollar project build an athletic complex and an auditorium at John Glenn High School. The levy will be on the May 2 ballot.

East Muskingum School District Superintendent Jill Sheridan and East Muskingum School District Assistant Superintendent Dave Adams presented information and renderings about  the levy to New Concord Village Council on their March 13 meeting. Sheridan said the slogan for the campaign, “Choose Excellence”, was incorporated due to the values of the community.

“We are founded on the choice of excellence,” said Sheridan.

The plan for the athletic conference includes an eight lane track, 2500 seats on the home side and 500 additional seats on the visitor side. Restrooms and concession stands are preliminarily located on both sides of the complex. The initial plans also call for the field to be lighted.

The auditorium would feature 650 seats. As of right now the current student body boasts 540 students, that would allow the entirety of all students and faculty to be in the auditorium at all at once. It would be connected to the front of John Glenn High School.

Both spaces, the athletics complex and the auditorium, would serve as educational spaces during the school day. The auditorium would feature two classrooms that can be used as practice spaces for the music classes and field would be used for gym classes.

While Sheridan said this project wouldn’t add to the number of parking spots, it would add safety and efficiency with parents dropping off students that is currently lacking.

She said it will be “safer and more efficient drop off for the [Larry Miller Intermediate School].”

Adams added the direction of the traffic will remain the same.

To date their private campaign has raised $1.6 million dollars which helps to offset the total estimated cost of the project.

“The undertaking of the private campaign, that was a part that we took on as a district because we understand that we want to offset this 12 million dollar cost so that it is not shouldered on the taxpayers alone,” said Sheridan.

According to Sheridan, that money came from “support from local people, some of them business owners.”

If the levy is passed, a homeowner whose house is valued at $100,000 would be paying $115 per year, $9.45 per month, or 0.31 per day. The Bond Levy is a 20 year leavy and the Maintenance Levy is continuous.

Sheridan said that bond would be no more than for $2.8 million and the maintenance levy to keep up the project over its lifetime would cost no more than $5,000 thousand to “operate and sustain the facilities.”

Sheridan anticipates the project will benefit the community.

“We are excited for our community,” said Sheridan. “We are excited for the property owners.”

Sheridan said the building of both the athletic complex and the auditorium is about balancing academics with athletics and arts in the East Muskingum School District.

“This is more than just a facility project,” said Sheridan. “This project is a choice that we and this community have made a conscious decision to educate [and] not only keeping our academics at the forefront, making sure that’s strong, but also that our athletics and our arts are part of that whole child experience.”

More information about the project and a site plan can be found on
The Village Council Meeting where this information was presented can be found on Orbit Media TV’s YouTube channel. It also airs on WMCO throughout the month of march on Sundays at noon.

Police Impersonator Pays Visit to Townhouses


Muskingum University Police responded to reports of a suspect impersonating a detective and searching university townhouses. The townhouses are located across from Donna J. Newberry Field and behind the Ulster Club fraternity house.

The identity of the man is not yet known.

According to Chief of University Police, Danny Vincent, the incident happened around 1:20 a.m. Sunday, March 19.

He said most students responded by not letting the suspect in and trying to confirm who he was.

“If you’re in your townhouse or in your dorm room and you hear a knock on your door and say they are campus police, we need to talk to you and [if] you’re not sure or you don’t feel comfortable call campus police,” said Vincent.

The suspect presented an unidentified badge, claimed he was with the University Police, and he said he was there to search the residence for stolen items.

Vincent said some students opened the door letting the suspect in, but nothing was stolen and no one was harmed.

“One person followed him all around the townhouse the whole time he was in there and said he never took a thing,” said Vincent.

The suspect is described as a male in his early to mid-20s, with a thin build, dark hair, and was dressed in a dark trench coat that reached below his knees.

A Muskingum University Townhouse Residence Assistant reported the suspect was trying to enter the townhouses and both  University Police and New Concord Police Department responded.

Muskingum Emergency Text Alerts (M.E.T.A) were sent to the Muskie community at 1:44 a.m. and 1:56 a.m. on March 19. The first message alerted people to what was happening. The second message said “do not open your door for anyone who says they’re Campus Police unless your sure.”

Vincent was on campus investigating the disturbance for an estimated three hours trying to find the suspect.

There was another similar report, Vincent said, about 45 minutes later in between New Concord and Zanesville.

Vincent wants students to know officers usually wear their uniforms if they are searching an on campus residence.

University Police can be reached at 740-826-8155.