The John Glenn Boys Basketball team takes on Bay Village in the Division II State Semifinal March 17.

New Concord Signage Celebrates Little Muskies’ State Title


To celebrate the John Glenn basketball state championship win, the Village of New Concord will be posting signs at the corporation limits.

The little Muskies won the state championship after their 2015 – 2016 season.

Village Administrator, Charlotte Colley, said there is already one sign in a private residence that was a result of a Boy Scouts of America project.

“This was an eagle scout project that one of our community members did on his own,” said Colley.

Colley said the village worked closely with the school district to come up with a plan.

“After talking with the school district and understanding better about what they wanted we have come to an agreement,” said Colley.

Colley said the signs will basically say “Village of New Concord home of 2016 Boys’ Basketball State Champions.”

They will be at the four entrances of the village limits at Route 83 and Route 40.

“These aren’t the super fancy signs,” said Colley. “These are the signs you typically see when you come into a community.”

The signs themselves will be white with maroon colored lettering.

According to Colley, the East Muskingum School District has some possible additional plans as well.

“The school has talked about trying to do something a little bit bigger maybe in town, but to date I haven’t really seen any plans or any ideas that they have,” said Colley.

Colley expects the signs to be going up soon.