New Concord Police car outside Village Hall.

Chief Hayes: No Clowns Found in New Concord


New Concord Chief of Police, Trevor Hayes, said no clowns were located in New Concord after officers patrolled the area late Monday night.

Their patrolling resulted from several reports that were made on social media about a clown sighting near the Circle K store on Main Street.

“Our officers did check the area,” said Hayes. “We knew there were some claims going around Facebook and different social media sites talking about the clowns in the area.”

Hayes said Circle K had not been in contact with the police department regarding any suspicious activity by clowns.

Several of the claims made suggested there were three clowns and that one of them was carrying a hatchet.

Hayes said no police reports were filed regarding the incident.

“I don’t know for sure if we got any actual phone calls,” said Hayes. “If we got a phone call, we should have had a report on it.”

Hayes said the department is concerned about the potential for copycats looking to induce panic in New Concord residents.

“If we do catch them and we do find out that is their intent, they will be arrested and taken to court appropriately,” said Hayes.

The incident is similar to the social media claims of clowns being spotted in areas such as Zanesville and Roseville.

The Cambridge Police Department said they have received two reports of clown sightings in Cambridge. The first sighting came on Sept. 26 on Broad Street while the second came Sept. 27 on North 10th Street.

Chief of University Police, Danny Vincent, said in an email to students on Sept. 27 he believes the clowns are inspired by an upcoming remake of the 1990 film “It.”

“The University will not tolerate this kind of activity and anyone involved in such will be charged accordingly,” said Vincent, adding students should not approach anyone dressed as a clown.

Hayes said people need to contact police immediately rather than taking to social media if they see any suspicious activity.

“[People] need to report to us directly and not just post directly to their Facebook page or Yik Yak,” said Hayes.

Hayes said anyone who sees a clown that looks suspicious needs to contact New Concord Police at (740) 826-7616.