Muskingum Volleyball

Class project results in spiking opponents


“Spike the Pioneers” will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 4 while the Womens volleyball team takes on the Marietta Pioneers in the Anne C. Steele Center.

The idea is for three students to randomly be picked out the crowd at the volleyball game to participate.  They will be throwing volleyballs at large poster-sized cutouts of the Pioneer logo.

“Spike the Pioneers” is a mini-promotional event designed to boost school spirit.

“The whole purpose of this event is to create an excitement around Muskie sports and just really get students involved with rivalries,” said Senior Jordan Lee.

Lee is part of the group that organized the activity.  Lee and his partners Senior Denise Libas and Sophomore Elijah Sims worked with other organizations to make the event happen.

To get the word out and promote the event Lee said they teamed up with the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) and WMCO.

SAAC will be handling the set-up and tear-down of the event. They asked WMCO to help advertise the event beforehand.

The group started working on the project around Sept. 13.

“My team, I’m pretty proud of them,” said Lee. “We’ve really hit the ground running.”

The event is a result of a project in the Sports Planning and Promotion class being taught by Assistant Professor of Athletics Communication, Tom Caudill.