The Campus Crusade for Christ is a worldwide non-profit organization. Cru was founded in 1951 by Bill Bright.

Cru Hops to Local Churches


Campus Crusade For Christ (Cru), a club focused around following Jesus, welcomes all students at Muskingum University to join them in their weekly Church Hop.

Cru’s goal is to help find students a church that is the best fit for them, by visiting different churches in the area.

Muskingum senior and president of Cru, Alicia Moore, said the goal of the event is for students to find a church they can call “home” while at Muskingum.

“A lot of Muskies, in Cru and outside of Cru, have a hard time finding a church they really enjoy while at school,” said Moore. “It can be daunting to begin that search alone, so Cru gets a core group of people to attend every week [to]have a good time of fellowship while experiencing the different churches around our area.”

The club meets at the Patton Hall turn-around each Sunday and transportation is provided. Meeting time varies with location but it is normally advertised in advance in the Student Digest Email.

Cru members will leave Patton at 9 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 26 to visit Muskingum Valley Vineyard Church in Zanesville.

Moore said this event is an ongoing tradition that Cru does each semester, adding that several students have been successful in finding a new church that is a good fit through this Church Hop process.

Students can check the Student Digest Email each week or ask a member for updated information on church locations.

The event will last five to six weeks or until interest runs out.

Cru is a global movement and community of Christians whose doors are open to anyone seeking to learn more about Jesus.

Cru meets on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in the bottom of the Walter K. Chess Center Room 100.