Edge Volunteers to Shave Head for Fundraiser


Jess Edge, Coordinator of Student Involvement at Muskingum University, will shave her head if $5,000 is raised for the Animal Shelter Society in Zanesville by mid-April. Though this project is headed by Muskingum’s Student Senate as a philanthropy project, Edge and the Senators want to get the whole campus involved.

“I wanted something that was a little more dramatic and fun for students to work towards,” said Edge.

Monetary donations and donations of toys, blankets, leashes, cleaning supplies, and food will also be accepted. Donations that are purchased can be submitted to the Student Senate Office along with the receipt for the donation to be counted towards the goal.

Volunteer work done for the shelter can also go toward the cause as well. Every hour that is spent volunteering will count as $5 towards the end goal of  $5,000.

Edge decided to raise money for the shelter because of her past experience with animal shelters as a child. Her dad took her to an animal shelter one day and was feeding the dogs treats when she fell in love with an older dog that was part of a puppy mill.

“I have seen what love and care, even in the later years of life can do for an animal,” said Edge.

There will be different events on campus where students can make toys and blankets for animals that can be donated through different organizations. Edge hopes the fundraiser gets many groups on campus involved to show how much the community can accomplish together.