Equality Alliance Hosts Demonstration, Planning More


After the results of the 2016 election, Equality Alliance decided to hold a peaceful demonstration on campus.

The group did just that 10 days later on Nov. 18 out on the Quad.

“We as a group decided that the world needed more love in it,” said Equality Alliance President Harold Norsic. “We decided to hold a demonstration for anyone on campus to join.”

Norsic said that Equality Alliance decided to hold the demonstration rather than a protest because they felt that protesting would only raise tensions on campus, and that is something the group did not want to see happen.

“Instead we decided that we would hold a positive, inclusive and loving demonstration centered around the idea that no matter what happens, that through all struggle and adversity, we as people and as a community will overcome,” said Norsic. “We were inspired by the writings and speeches of many scholars, politicians, theologians and activists who all preached a message of love and peace, reaching out across all that can divide us to instead unify us and reaffirm our common values and commitments and that together, with love in our hearts, we can overcome anything.”

According to Norsic, Equality Alliance is currently unsure of when another demonstration could happen, but said the group is planning to host more in the future.