Finals Week Shows Schedule


Every semester during finals week, our WMCO DJs have the chance to sign up for 2-hour shows where they can play whatever genre of music they want! This semester’s schedule is as follows:


Monday, Dec. 14

Noon-2:00        Chris                               “Pump Up for Finals”

2-4 p.m.               Rachel & Josey         “The Random Show”

4-6 p.m.               Jarrod & Josey          “Puppy Party”

6-8 p.m.               Jacob                              “Jazz/EDM/Europ. Speed Metal”

8-10 p.m.            Christine & Kayla    “Parents’ Music”


Tuesday, Dec. 15

Noon-2 p.m.     Lindsey G.                     “Animated Movies”

2-4 p.m.               Manda & Noelle        “Instrumental Sing Along”

4-6 p.m.               Marty & Brenna        “Country”

6-8 p.m.               Brie & Manda              “Rockin’ Christmas”

8-10 p.m.            Iain                                     “EDM”


Wednesday, Dec. 16

10 a.m.-noon    Zach                                  “WMCO & Country”

Noon-2 p.m.      Chris                                 “Eclectic”

2-4 p.m.                Rachel & Ashley        “Pop Culture”

4-6 p.m.                Chris & Brad                “Epic Sports Movies of History”

6-8 p.m.                Aaron                               “Cinema Central Christmas”

8-10 p.m.             Brad & Payton            “The Greatest Music of All Time (This Semester)”


Thursday, Dec. 17

Noon-2 p.m.      Lindsey G.                      “Eclectic Collection”

2-4 p.m.                Marty                               “Eclectic”

4-6 p.m.                Audi & Jarrod              “The Show”

6-8 p.m.                Lindsey G. & Brie       “Musicals”

8-10 p.m.             Marty                               “All American Country Music Classic”