Food for Thought


Muskingum University hosted its annual International Dinner and Talent Show on Friday Nov. 18.

In addition to its buffet, the talent show featured several Muskingum University International Students.

Director of International Student Services, Valerie Smith, described the event as an opportunity to combine different cultures in one space.

“[The dinner] is a chance for the students to celebrate their own cultures in a safe environment,” said Smith. “And food is a good common denominator.”

The talent show portion is a relatively new aspect to the International Dinner, and Smith said she loves seeing the students branching out and becoming more involved on campus.

“When I go watch these students, they’re not comfortable performing at Varsity Revue or [the] Parents Weekend talent show, which are dominated by the Americans, maybe they’re a little nervous about what their accents are going to sound like as they sing or are performing and this is a place where they can really be accepted,” said Smith.

While the food and recipe options are proposed by the students the food is then prepared by Aramark staff members.

For students to attend, a meal swipe is exchanged for a seat at the international dinner and talent show. Tickets were also available for purchase leading up to the event.