Heeter-Bass Rules Out Danger in Wake of META Alerts


On Nov. 2, the Muskingum Community received two META alerts from Danny Vincent, Chief of University Police, in regards to an unknown black male who looked to be going through a staff member’s desk at 12:07 p.m. and 12:22 p.m. There have previously been descriptions of that same man coming on campus, going into offices, and stealing wallets and purses.

The unidentified male was first seen in Cambridge Hall at 11:30 a.m. and was last seen in the John Glenn Gym immediately following.

“It was just really a matter of getting the word out on campus,” said Janet Heeter-Bass, Vice President of Student Affairs and Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “Nobody was in danger, per se, but we wanted to know if anybody saw him in another building or be aware to watch for him wandering about.”

Heeter-Bass said that Muskingum students, faculty, and staff are safe but advises that students be more aware of their belongings.

Heeter-Bass also said that there was a glitch in the META alert system, which was the reasoning behind two separate messages, which were 15 minutes apart.

The two META alerts sent by Danny Vincent on Nov. 2.
The two META alerts sent by Danny Vincent on Nov. 2.