Intramural Water Polo Coming to Muskingum


Muskingum Intramurals is bringing a new sport to campus this spring. Water polo will be introduced to Muskingum University during the month of April.

“Our hopes are to run the season for about two weeks,” said Intramurals Coordinator Deven Siesel. “We are aiming to start shortly after room draw on April 5, or immediately the following week and end by the last day for programming.”

It will be hosted in The Recreation Center pool underneath the John Glenn Gym. In terms of scheduling events at the pool, the group does not have to contend with very many groups to be able to schedule the games.

Currently, Siesel has the sport set up for three leagues: a male league, female league and co-rec league. Siesel said that depending on the numbers they may shift that or make it all co-rec, but they hope that at least two of those three leagues show enough interest to stand on their own and grow from there.

There are a number of reasons surrounding the reasons why Water Polo will not be held in the campus lake.

“The weather plays a factor, and the pool is much warmer and cleaner than the lake to help encourage more students to participate,” said Siesel.

Siesel said that he thinks water polo will find a place on Muskingum’s campus.

“I have seen other Ohio Athletic Conference schools have it, and it has been successful at those institutions,” said Siesel.

Water polo is very different from the intramurals’ traditional offerings. Siesel said that he thinks it would encourage students to become more interested in other intramural sports offered to students.