John Glenn Celebrates His 91st Birthday at Home


Something special happened on Wednesday, July 18th at the John and Annie Glenn Historical Site right here in New Concord. John Glenn and his wife Annie returned to celebrate Glenn’s 91st birthday. The entire village of New Concord was invited to attend the event and meet the Mr. Glenn and his wife. The turnout was incredible. The crowd crammed into the gift shop and greeting area in the bottom floor of the Historical Site despite the heat, sticking their heads up to try and get a peek at the first American to orbit the earth. Mr. Glenn made a brief speech before allowing the crowd to flow through and wish him a happy birthday. The Education Director for the Historical Site, Joanna Duncan, shared her thoughts on the celebration. “Most times he interacts with adults,” explained Duncan. “but today, this event was planned so that it’s for the community. We’re having cake and ice cream and punch and it’s for the community.” From everyone here in the Orbit Media Group, we wish Mr. Glenn many happy birthdays for years to come.