The Muskingum University Admission Office updates their look. They installed digital information boards outside of the office in Montgomery Hall.

Muskie Admission Office goes High-Tech


The Admission Office of Muskingum University recently installed digital display boards to welcome potential incoming students in order to achieve a more personal and connected experience.

Their placement was strategically located to ensure the first thing students saw as they walked in was “their name in lights” according to Senior Admission Counselor, David Snider.

“We want them to see their name,” said Snider. “We want them to see that we’ve got things going on around campus and we want them to be excited about their visit. Having that name there is a really nice personal touch for them.”

Another positive of the boards are to be able to showcase what the current students are doing in areas such as academics, sports and campus clubs and organizations.

“We hope that students are able to walk by them and hopefully one day see themselves and their story,” said Snider.

According to Snider, the boards can also display ways to stay connected with Muskingum University on social media sites.

The Admission Office is still in the trial stage of testing different types of content to see what will work the best. According to Snider, the final capabilities of the digital boards are not certain because of the boards’ vast abilities.

“We’ve really only begun to scratch the surface, but we’ll only really be limited by our imaginations,” said Snider.

Beth DaLonzo, Senior Director of Admission and Financial Services, Cynthia Basham, Admission Office Receptionist, and Snider all have the capability of editing the messages that will be on the screens.

Snider said they are also able to change background and layouts, add information, pictures and video as often as they wish.

Snider said students have President Susan S. Hasseler to thank for the idea behind the digital boards and that their use will enhance the experience of incoming Muskies.