The Internet Router is located inside of the Lakeside House that the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity is living in. Computer and Network Services installed Wireless Internet Routers over winter break.

Muskie Students Voice Opinions on New Wi-Fi


Muskingum University students have mixed feelings regarding the new Wi-Fi installed on campus over winter break.

Logan Hall, Junior and Student Senate Executive Board Treasurer, said he began using the new campus Wi-Fi once his MiFi Jetpack device he got from the University stopped working.

“In lieu of that, I have used the campus-wide Wi-Fi and it has worked great for me,” said Hall, who lives in Patton Hall. “It won’t load occasionally, but it has worked completely fine for me and I am very satisfied with it.”

Hall said the switch to the new W-Fi is a “positive endeavor” for the university.

“Compared to what it was last semester, it’s been great for me,” said Hall.

Devan D. Boyer, Muskingum Junior and Lakeside resident, said two routers were installed in his Lakeside House over break, giving greater access to the campus Wi-Fi, but added that it was “a little slow.”

“I don’t know what could cause that,” said Boyer. “It could be the wiring, or it could be that everyone is on the Bradford system now.”

Boyer said he still has his MiFi device and only uses it when the campus Wi-Fi isn’t running well, but said the new Wi-Fi connection is average.

Ryan Harvey, Director of Computer and Network Services (CNS), said improvements were made to the campus internet as of Jan. 12 at 4:30 p.m.

“Initially, I know that (students) were finding it very slow,” said Harvey, adding he has had yet to hear anything since then.

Harvey said the changes to the campus Wi-Fi came after receiving feedback from students as well as admissions and coaches who were interacting with incoming students.

Harvey said the speed of the Wi-Fi will vary depending on how many people or devices are connected to it and what they are using it for.