Muskies find new opportunities at Involvement Fair


Students in search of opportunity and fun gathered on Muskingum University’s Quad during the Involvement Fair on Sept. 6, 2016.

The Involvement Fair is meant to help students find clubs or organizations that suit their unique styles and meet new people with similar interests in the process.

Admission Counselor, Daniel Crown, said despite Muskingum’s smaller campus, first-year students should not be discouraged to join a club.

“We might be in a village and far away from any big city,” said Crown, “but we have so much for you to do and enhance your experience.”


Jessica-Leigh Edge, the Coordinator of Student Involvement, said having the event early in the semester is a great opportunity for students.

“You don’t want to go too far into the semester without finding a place to call home”, said Edge. “The reason people stay [at Muskingum] is because they find people to connect with, they find a cause to connect with, or they find a hobby or passion to connect with.”

Edge said there are other ways students can stay active in the New Concord area besides checking out the Involvement Fair, such as volunteer work, internships, and opportunities to study abroad.

Deven Siesel, the Director of Recreation and Campus Activities, said the Involvement Fair it important to all students, not just first-years students.

“It’s big for us interacting with the students,” said Siesel. “[The Involvement Fair] allows me to get my organization’s name out there. It allows the students to show us their interest.”

Jacob Francisco, the secretary and treasurer of the Associationfor Computing Machinery (ACM), said the Involvement Fair is a great way for students to be involved on campus.

“If we didn’t have Involvement Fair, the only way I would’ve found out about anything was by word of mouth,” said Francisco, in regards to his first year at Muskingum.

Francisco said first-year students should keep an open mind when thinking about joining a club or organization for the first time.

“If you may not like [an organization] at first, at least look into it,” said Francisco, “even if it’s slightly interesting. That way you can get more information if you want it later down the road.”

Students who may have missed anything during the Involvement Fair can go to OrgSync where every registered campus group is registered.