Muskingum makes campus more handicap-friendly


Improvements have been made to several residential halls and academic buildings to help make Muskingum University’s campus more accessible for those with physical disabilities.

Muskingum Vice President of Business and Finance, Philip Laube, said push-button access features have been installed on several buildings.

“Our long term goal is full accessibility on campus,” said Laube, “but many of the older buildings pose challenges.”

Handicapped-accessible housing was added to Memorial Hall in addition to the push-buttons. Patton Hall was previously the only residential hall that could accommodate those with physical disabilities.

Director of Greek Affairs, Stacey Allan, said only two Greek organizations are prepared to take in new members who may have a physical disability. FAD and Theta Phi Alpha are the two groups and are both located in Patton Hall.

“[Greek] groups are having conversations,” said Allan, “but we haven’t made any big changes or decisions.”

Laube said improvements can still be made on campus to make buildings more accessible to those with physical disabilities.