Muskingum to host Opiate Addiction Workshop


Muskingum University and Presbyterian Church USA are sponsoring an opiate addiction workshop on Saturday Nov. 19 in the Roberta A. Smith Library from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

Anne Weirich, College Drive Presbyterian Church Minister, said the event is meant to teach community leaders in the area about the dangers of opiate addiction.

“We want to be able to speak about [opiate addiction] knowledgeably,” said Weirich, “so that we can have a conversation that will maybe be more proactive rather than reactive.”

Weirich said the topic of opiate addiction is something that isn’t often discussed in Muskingum County.

“We know, for example, in Muskingum County, there is no place for drug detoxification to take place,” said Weirich. “They often have to get on a waiting list in another county that could be six to eight months before they get into a program.”

Weirich said bringing in people like East Muskingum Board of Education President, Ken Blood, and various Muskingum University professors will help get the discussion started in the area schools.

“We don’t know what’s happening in the schools in terms of education around here about opiate addiction,” said Weirich. “We have questions that will certainly come up that we want to be prepared to answer knowledgeably.”

Those in attendance will include Muskingum University President Susan S. Hasseler, Professor of Biology Dr. James Dooley, and University Minister William Mullins, among others.

Weirich said they are planning a second workshop in the spring on March 18, but added nothing is finalized as of now.

For more information on the workshop, Weirich can be contacted at 616-252-9242.