New Art Collection is Family Affair


Intimate Connections is a new exhibition that is on display in the Louis O. Palmer art gallery on campus.

The artwork in the gallery, created by members of a local family, mostly consists of digital photography. However, visitors will also see a few other pieces, including glasswork, painted rocks, and a series of virtual reality experiences.

Julie Keirle, one of the featured artists, felt challenged to use her photography skills to create scenes that were dream-like in nature.

“I like trying to portray an element of someone’s personality that is not really apparent on the outside,” she said.

Keirle owns JK Images, a studio in Norwich, Ohio, and is the daughter of a professional photographer, who is also a Muskingum alumnus. She cites her father as the one who inspired her to pick up a camera when she was younger. Another source of inspiration for Keirle was taking a camera to elementary school and sharing pictures she took with friends.

Her brother, former New Concord mayor Greg Adams, contributed to the gallery as well.

“I love adventures of all type and I think art is a great way to express some of those adventures in a variety of different ways,” said Adams.

Each piece of artwork displayed in the gallery has been created by members of Keirle and Adams’ family. Other contributors include Chelsea Adams, who programmed several virtual reality pieces; Clare Adams, who has a wall of double-exposure photographs on display; and Norma Adams, who includes a musical score which she wrote at 15 years old.

Many of the pieces highlight the power of juxtaposition in photography. For instance, a series of photographs depicts a woman in a red ball gown wandering around an industrial environment.

“The hard part is to find your voice and find a style that you can call your own,” said Keirle.

“There’s amazing talent right here in this area… and sometimes people think they have to live in Chicago or New York or L.A. to experience great art – it’s not true. You can experience great art right here.”

Adams describes art as a window into your soul.

“It’s an excellent vehicle to start encouraging folks to think about the big questions in life and use the window of art to express… your inclination to think about those deeper questions.”

Intimate Connections will be displayed in the Louis O Palmer Gallery until February 19. The art exhibit is free and open to all visitors by appointment. Call the Academic Affairs Office to schedule a time to visit, or contact gallery director Yan Sun for more information.