New police parking procedures


There is a new procedure for students at Muskingum University for the 2016-2017 school year.

In the past, Muskingum University police personally transported injured students to and from class.

However, based on student feedback, they’re providing an alternative option.

“In an effort to try and put some of it back into the students’ hands, we’re going to be more liberal with handicap passes and we’re actually encouraging students to go that route as opposed to using campus police,” said Janet Heeter-Bass, Interim Vice President for Advancement. “Unless they’re not concerned with time.”

Students can now request a handicap parking pass for their car, or they can give the pass to a friend who can take them to and from class.

Students will now be able to get handicap parking passes on a temporary basis.
Students will now be able to get handicap parking passes on a temporary basis.

In years prior, students were not getting to class on time when relying on campus police to pick them up.

“We were getting a lot of hits from students about ‘we’re not getting picked up in a timely manner.’” said Heeter-Bass. “And we can’t afford to hire somebody just to pick up and transport students around campus.”

The old procedure had campus police reluctant to give out handicap passes and not encourage students to get a handicap pass if it was a short term injury.

“We decided to move away from that and now if they get injured and they can’t transport themselves, we encourage them to get a handicap pass,” said Heeter-Bass. “And if they still can’t find a friend for a ride, they can still fall back on campus police.”

University police can be contacted at 740-826-8155.