Opening Day for New Muskingum Library


Students are enjoying the official opening day of the Roberta A. Smith Library at Muskingum University. The building is open after two years of construction.  The Education Department is housed in the facility and most of the Education classes will be hosted in the top floor.

Among the new spaces for students, there are six collaboration stations, where groups of up to six students can connect their laptop, tablet, or smartphone up to one TV screen.  Students can use an app to connect their phone or go to a  web link on their tablet or laptop to connect.

Linda Hatfield, Reference Instruction Librarian, said that students will be able to work on PowerPoints or documents and edit them in front of their groups. “It’s just a really powerful tool for creativity and collaboration for students,” said Hatfield. “I think it’s really exciting. You can also have a camera and be taking pictures and put that right up there [on the screen]. It’s kind of a cool item.”

Meet some Muskies who are enjoying the newest building on campus during the first day of classes. (Run your cursor over each photo to read reactions from students.)