Orbit TV

Orbit Television is Muskingum University’s Cable Access Station. Located on Spectrum/Time Warner New Concord Cable System on digital Channel 9 or 96.204, Orbit TV features local news, New Concord Village Council, Muskingum University Student Senate, Muskingum Sporting Events, Community Calendar announcements, and special local programming. Subscribe to our YouTube page for video notifications.

Orbit TV began broadcasting as WMCO-FM in the 1970s in Cambridge Hall. Facilities moved to the current studios in Caldwell Hall during the 2004-2005 school year where programming is produced from the Fine Television Studio and Cooper Television Classroom.

If you are a local New Concord cable subscriber and cannot tune to Orbit Television follow these steps to scan your TV set or type the channel in manually.

Tuning your TV to Orbit Television.