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NCAP makes a splash at $150,000


The New Concord Area Pool (NCAP) is looking to raise $150,000 to help remodel their 55-year-old pool.

New Concord Area Arts and Recreation District (NCAARD) Program Director, Judy Beetem, said the pool, which was built in 1961, is in need of multiple improvements.

“The concrete liner wears year after year,” said Beetem.

The concession stand, restrooms, and pumps also need updated. Beetem said lifeguard training could be added to part of the budget as well.

NCAP has hosted three events in the month of August to help raise the necessary funds.

The first event was “Save-the-Pool-Ooza” on August 19. It featured spa treatments by Spa G!rl, POUND workout classes, and a performance by local band Blue Mercury.

The second event was a “Vine and Dine” at the Terra Cotta Vineyards on August 20. The third fundraising event is Dog Days at the Pool on August 27-28.

Dogs and their owners paid money to spend the last days of the pool season playing in the water.

Beetem said the group hopes to have events later in the year and said a “July in Christmas” event may be in the future.

“We’ll sell pool passes early and have some fun fundraising things,” said Beetem. “We are looking for people to help come up with ideas.”

Beetem encourages people that have fundraising ideas or that are interested in helping to call NCAARD at (740) 826-2293.

Local Dogs Paddle at New Concord Area Pool


Dogs of all breeds roamed leash-less in and around the New Concord Area Pool (NCAP) on Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28 from noon until 2 p.m. as a part of the New Concord Area Arts and Recreation (NCAARD) Dog Days.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes run free at the New Concord Area Pool during the annual Dog Days.
Dogs of all shapes and sizes run free at the New Concord Area Pool during the annual Dog Days at the Pool.

As a way to commemorate the end of the pool season, NCAP opens its gate to man’s best friend. This is an annual event for NCAP.

Dog owner, animal lover, and Program Director of the New Concord Area Arts and Recreation District (NCAARD), Judy Beetem, looked forward to this day all year.

“This weekend is a crazy dog festival,” said Beetem, “Seeing all of the dogs is like candy land for me, I am an animal person and it’s just so much fun.”

Children, parents, and dog enthusiasts of any age are welcome to swim alongside their fury-tailed friends.

“We’ve got everything from St. Bernards and Newfoundlands, to huge pony dogs, to little, tiny Yorkies and little Chihuahuas in life jackets,” said Beetem.

In the future, NCAARD intends to do more events like Dog Days as they also continue plans for a Dog Park in the local New Concord area.