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New Concord Annexes Cemetery and Hires Police Officers


New Concord Village Council approved the annexation of the New Concord Cemetery into town limits and control and approved a resolution allowing two new New Concord Police Department officers to be hired during the July New Concord Village Council Meeting.

Council members approved the annexation, which is Ordinance G-7-17-1, in the June Council meeting and the annexation became final July 10.  According to New Concord Village Administrator Charlotte Colley, the plan for New Concord to take over the cemetery started a couple years ago, after the board of the cemetery determined they wanted to dissolve.

The New Concord Cemetery was in both New Concord and Union Township jurisdictions, but with the ordinance, New Concord is fully responsible for the cemetery. The village will continue using contractors already in place to keep up maintenance as well as to dig new plots.

The search for two new NCPD officers is also complete. Rich Sealock started the week of July 10 and Hayden Walpole is starting in August. Both were hired by interim New Concord Police Chief Jeff Dawson and will be present at the next Village Council meeting in August.

The search for a new police chief is currently underway. The village had seven candidates apply and brought four to New Concord for interviews. The decision is currently being made whether to select one applicant, narrow the search down to two, or start the search over with a new pool of applicants.

New Concord to Replace Ground Water Storage Tank


New Concord will be building a new ground water storage tank this summer, replacing the current tank built before 1930.

According to New Concord Village Administrator Charlotte Colley, the project started in 2014 when she first took the position.  The current ground water storage tank is leaking water from the roof and isn’t structurally sound, adding to the necessity of replacing it.

The project will begin this July and will cost $860,000.  New Concord Village Council has approved bids on two companies who will tend to the replacement of the storage tank. Zemba Bros., Inc. will work on the waterline while Mid Atlantic Storage works on the tank. Colley said by raising water rates in 2016, obtaining $613,000 in 0% interest loans from an Ohio Public Works Commission Grant/Loan and a low interest loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority, that it will cover the full cost of the project.

Colley said during the replacement village residents might experience low water pressure or some sediment within the water lines. The village will notify residents if these problems will occur.

Colley said any questions or concerns can be directed to her by calling 740-826-7671 and the village will have more information on their website newconcord-oh.gov as the replacement date of the ground water storage tank gets closer.