WMCO Training Materials


Access each week’s training goals here. Follow on air instructions for trainee exactly as prescribed. Do not do less or more than what is outlined. Remember, trainees are in the studio with you for one hour only each week.

For Trainers
Week 10 | Dec. 4-Dec. 8 – Trainee runs boards and breaks independently. Hybrid calls and restarting DAD program (not the computer) is taught.
Week 9 | Nov. 26-Dec. 3
– Trainee is totally independent for the hour, except for announcing the segment. Critique their delivery and song announcing. Go through checklists provided. NEW item: teach Large Array.
Week 8 | Nov. 13-19 – A big review week. Trainee runs the board and announces all of the hour except hosting the segment. Conduct EAS test. Quiz your trainee with the review items as much as possible. Make it where they ask you questions, instead of you “tell them.”
Week 7 | Nov. 6-12 – Learn many extended DAD functions. Review other key DJ elements. This is a very technical week. Execute your own segment.
Week 6 | Oct. 30-Nov. 5 – Review and execute mic breaks. Learn more about DAD machines and board execution. Prep for independent segment for next week
Week 5 | Oct. 23-29 – More with DAD functions, introduction to the board, checking voicemail.
Week 4 | Oct. 16-Oct. 22 – Learn basic music, CD player, and announcing functions. Learn to properly cue a song through the board. Introduce Spinitron music reporting.
Week 3 | Oct. 2- Oct. 6 – Learn Associated Press and Rundown Creator functions. Print and practice National Weather Service weather. Learn DAD 1 functions and audio board levels. Learn basic FCC Legal Log functions, including checking power.
Week 2 | Sept. 25-Oct. 1 – Learn proper names for studios, computers, and basic audio equipment.

Complete the training check in form. You have one hour after your training hour time is complete the trainee check in form. Failure to check trainee in within 60 minutes of the conclusion of the show will result in 0 points for them for the week. This allows you to report all pertinent information and not have to worry about keeping track of absences or concerns during the term.