Wireless Internet Networks Coming to Campus Residences


New internet options are being offered to students beginning in spring 2017.

Ryan Harvey, Director of Computer & Network Services (CNS), alerted students to this in an email sent on Nov. 9.

Harvey said that CNS plans to install a wireless network in the six main residence halls, Lakeside houses, the townhouses, and Lexington Arms.

On their lineup for the spring semester is installing the wireless network in the Phi Kappa Tau house, the Ulster house, and the MACE house.

Students that currently have a Verizon MiFi device and that  want to continue using their MiFi  in the spring need to visit CNS before Nov. 30.

Students must bring their MiFi device with them along with the Student ID numbers of everyone the device is registered to to keep the device for the spring semester.

If students do not visit CNS before Nov. 30 to renew their devices for the spring, they will be turned off as of Jan. 8 or when the new wireless network is activated. CNS then asks that students drop off their disabled MiFi devices.

Students that want to continue their MiFi use into the spring will be charged on their spring tuition bill like normal.

There is no cost for this new wireless network option as Harvey called it a “standard service in the University residence facilities.”

Harvey encourages students with questions to email CNS at cns@muskingum.edu.