Students React to Patton Renovation Renderings


The official renderings of the planned Patton Dining Hall renovations were unveiled to the Muskingum student body during a special presentation on September 12 in Chess Social Hall.

The newly-renovated Patton Dining Hall will include features such as a wood-fire pizza oven, charging stations for electronic devices, new seating options, and different food stations.

Student Senate Exec Board President, Luke Lloyd, said the renovations are “really exciting.”

“I think once the final product is here, it’s going to even be much better than these renderings,” said Lloyd. “These renderings are phenomenal.”

Muskingum Junior Harold Norsic said he too is excited to see the renovation plans come into effect.

“I knew from where we jumped off last semester that something like this would happen,” said Norsic. “It was a really exciting opportunity to work with Aramark on this.”

The presentation was led by Muskingum Dean of Students, Susan Waryck; Director of Campus Services, Jodie Swendryck; and Vice President of Business and Finance, Phil Laube.

The three took questions and ideas from the student body, including potential ideas for re-purposing Thomas Dining Hall, since it will not be used as a food option next year.

The Patton renovations are set to begin a week prior to spring break 2018, while Thomas Hall and the Bait Shop will be open during extended hours to acomodate more students.

Swendryck said the changes were made with the student body in mind.

“We wanted it to be a space where students could connect,” said Swendryck. “It’s not so formal. We want it to be a place where everyone can relax.”

Suggestions from the student body regarding the future of Thomas Hall included a lounge area, a study room, and a bowling alley.

Village Unveils Nuisance Party Ordinance


The Village Community Task Force unveiled a new ordinance during a town hall meeting on September 7.

According to the ordinance, any social gathering held within the Village of New Concord is considered a nuisance if it “threatens injury, inconvenience, or alarm to persons or damage to property nearby.”

Those who violate the new ordinance will be charged with a minor misdemeanor on the first offense, resulting in a $153 fine.

If a violation is found within the first six months of the first offense, the host of the gathering will then be charged with a fourth-degree misdemeanor and $220.

The ordinance states that any nuisance includes but is not limited to: Unlawful loud noise, disorderly conduct, public indecency, or criminal mischief.

The ordinance was approved by Village Council in June and will take full effect October 1. A 30-day “grace period” is currently in effect until September 30.

The ordinance comes a few months after village residents and Muskingum University students

The task force is composed of administrators and members of both the university and the Village of New Concord communities, including Village Administrator Charlotte Colley, Muskingum Dean of Students Susan Waryck, and New Concord Police Chief Mindy Peck, and Muskingum Senior Ryan Lewton.

A second town hall meeting will be held in October for those who were unable to attend to the September 7 meeting.