Anne C. Steele Day Celebration


April 22 marked “Anne C. Steele Day” on Muskingum’s campus in honor of the 20th President of the University.

The day’s purpose was to celebrate President Anne C. Steele, who is retiring on June 30, 2016.  The celebration was moved from the Muskingum Quad to the Roberta A. Smith Library, due to weather conditions.

Students gathered in the Colloquium Room of the Library to meet and greet Steele.  The first 600 students, faculty, and staff that came to the event received a free T-shirt that combined an outline of Ohio and a silhouette of Steele.

At 3:15 p.m., Janet Heeter-Bass, Interim Vice President for Advancement, welcomed Ohio State Senator Troy Balderson to talk about Steele on behalf of the Ohio Senate.  Balderson presented a proclamation from the Senate, which focused on Steele’s planning “that resulted in growth, as well as campus expansion and new initiatives.”

“It truly is a credit to Dr. Steele and her whole staff here [at Muskingum]”, said Balderson

After Balderson, Heeter-Bass invited New Concord Mayor Brett Essex up to the podium to read another proclamation, this time on behalf of New Concord Village Council.

To represent the faculty, Associate Professor of Geology, Stephen Van Horn, spoke of Steele’s leadership in adding new programs and new curriculum during her tenure at Muskingum.

“President Steele has lead these changes in a way that is consistent with Muskingum University’s mission and tradition,” said Van Horn.

Student Senate Executive Board President, Maggie Hale, stepped up to the podium to speak on behalf of the students. Hale thanked Steele for her passion toward Muskingum and its young students.

“President Steele loves campus life and understands how important it is that as a 18-22 year-olds, we enjoy this very special time of our lives in this amazing place called Muskingum University,” said Hale.

Vice President of Graduate and Continuing Studies, Mark Sanford, offered words of praise for Steele concerning her addition to the education Muskingum offers.  He highlighted Steele’s success of implementing four new degree programs, 21 new majors, and overseeing six new buildings completed in her tenure as President since 2000.

When Steele addressed those in attendance she addressed what Muskingum University has meant to her in her 16 years as President.

“I have been uniquely privileged, extraordinarily privileged, to be a part of this community for 17 years and it has truly been one of the greatest joys of my life,” said Steele.

Following her retirement, Steele and her husband, Chip, plan to move to Cleveland to be closer to their family.