Muskies compete in annual Humans v. Zombies event


Socks and marshmallows were thrown across campus as Muskingum students participated in Game Club’s annual Humans vs. Zombies competition Oct. 17-24.

The game was originally created to give students something fun to do in between classes or during their free time.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Co-Advisor of Game Club, Dr. Matt Davis, said he enjoys watching the competitive nature of the game.

“[Watching the game] is fun when you see things like a human and three zombies in the middle of the Quad and there’s a big crowd of people around just watching everything that’s going on,” said Davis.

Davis said the game’s impact reaches beyond its participants.

“Even the people who aren’t playing really enjoy watching [the game],” said Davis. “We think it adds a lot of fun for the whole campus.”

Game Club Vice President Elizabeth Bostic said her favorite part of the game is the intensity that develops and builds up as the game continues.

“It’s watching your back at every corner when you’re a human and when you’re a zombie, you have to catch somebody else or you’re going to ‘starve out,’” said Bostic. “It’s just a lot of fun interacting with other people… It’s very exciting and very thrilling.”

Sophomore Brieanna Rhoades, one of the game’s administrators, said she likes the variety of people involved.

“[Humans vs. Zombies] brings a lot of people together, people from different classes, people from all over campus, on or off… it’s just a really fun experience,” said Rhoades.

The game of Humans vs. Zombies consists of two teams, with the Human team wearing green bands around their arm and Zombies wearing them around their head.

Humans fend off Zombies by throwing socks or marshmallows at them, thereby stunning them temporarily. The goal of the game is for Humans to avoid being tagged and for Zombies to tag the Human players. Once a Human player is touched, they automatically become a member of the Zombie team.

Davis and the game administrators reminded students to stay safe, have fun, and that the game should not take priority over their academic studies during an informational meeting on Oct. 18 in Boyd Science Center.

For more information and to read the official Humans vs. Zombies rules, students can visit to learn more about the game itself and the history behind it.