Orbit Media Celebrates 3 CBI Awards Finalists


WMCO and Orbit TV have 3 finalists in the 2012 College Broadcasters, Inc. National Student Production Awards!

Congrats to the following Muskies (current and recent grads) for their achievements: Marcus Barnhart, Katie Borkoski, Scott Chappuis, John Clevinger, Zach Coffman, Eddie Jackson, Kayla Kuznicki, Maleah Latting, Taylor Lucey, Sara Shallcross & Duke Williams.

Entries include: “Friendship 7: The Flight that Changed New Concord,” “Orbit News Desk: John Glenn’s 50th Anniversary of Orbit,” & “The Silent Storm Promo.”

The CBI Awards are the most prestigious in college broadcasting. Winners will be announced October 27 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Beyond the Headlines discusses Hydraulic Fracturing


Beyond the Headlines hosted David Rodland- Professor of Geology at Muskingum University, Frank Donia-Local Business owner and Land owner, and Tim Kettler-administrator of the website Napalmcreek.com to discuss Hydraulic Fracturing. Also on the agenda were the potential harms of fracturing and also the social and economic impacts fracking on the local community. Fracturing involves drilling into the earth and injecting water, sand and other various chemicals in order to obtain methane gas. The main discussion revolving the impact on the local community revolved around the implications of landowners signing leases on their property without full knowledge of their rights.