Smokin' Burrito Joe's is the first food truck to have set up shop in New Concord. The introduction of a food truck paved the way for potential new mobile vendors to be located in the village.

Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s Next Stop, New Concord


New York City may have streets sprawling with restaurants but New Concord will soon have its very own food truck.

Muskingum University senior, Michael Vogel, is opening Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s on the corner of Comin and Main Street.

Vogel said this business came to life because of his dissatisfaction with his nearby food options.

“I came here as a freshman and I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t very much variety for the students and everybody,” said Vogel.

The name itself came from the comic Vogel’s stepdad created called “Joe’s Bar Toons.”

His food trailer was not his original idea. He tried to buy Scott’s Diner on the corner of Main Street in Fall 2015. When that plan fell through he decided on a food trailer instead.

Vogel contacted the owners of the land he was interested in across from Dairy Duchess and worked out a deal. His contract states he can use the land for eight months and then he can buy it.

His next step was to work with village officials to make sure everything he was doing was in line with village codes. Vogel worked with Village Administrator, Charlotte Colley, and Zoning Officer, Brent Gates.

“He [Gates] helped me a lot and pretty much gave me the go ahead to go ahead and buy the trailer,” said Vogel.

Vogel’s stepdad provided the financial backing for his food truck venture. He was also an influence over Vogel’s decision, as he told him a story about him and his friends opening a taco stand in high school.

“New Concord is a perfect place [for it], it’s great, and I think it could be successful,” said Vogel.

Once Vogel bought the trailer, the next step was taking off the old decals and replacing them with the new ones for Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s.

Vogel hopes the unique and new atmosphere of a food trailer experience to draw people to his business.

“Food trailers just require minimal work, not an extreme amount of money to finance, and I think it’s more catchy,” said Vogel. “They are coming on and I think people will like the idea of ‘let’s go to the food truck.’”

Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s isn’t the extent of Vogel’s long term goals. In the future, once he owns the lot, he wants to expand. The plan is to concrete the lot, construct a building for restrooms and then divide up eight lots and rent out the spaces to food truck other vendors.

His immediate menu includes burritos, bowls, and nachos, similar to a Chipotle menu.

Vogel’s trailer is ready to go, the trenches for the water and sewage, and the electricity are all about to be put in this week according to Vogel.

Vogel said he has four people lined up, plus himself for a team of workers currently, though he said hiring is an option if necessary.

“If the demand calls we will have to hire more people,” said Vogel.  

Their website is Vogel said once they get settled, they will begin delivering and can be reached at 740-801-0108.

OrbitMediaOnline will post updates on the opening of Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s as they become available.

This story was originally published November, 2016.