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Thompson Scores 400th Win


Muskingum University head Baseball coach, Gregg Thompson, notched his 400th career win at the Spring Break RussMatt Invitational in Winter Haven, Florida.

Thompson was unaware that the game against Albion would be his 400th win. Thompson wished he would have known so he could have gotten a celebratory picture with his team and staff.

“It’s always nice to, when you reach milestones like that, to be able to remember them,” said Thompson.

The 400th game was a 14-8 win over Albion Saturday, March 12, the last day of play for the Muskies during the RussMatt Invitational.

Gregg Thompson, Muskingum Baseball Coach
Gregg Thompson, Muskingum Baseball Coach

Thompson got into coaching because of the passion to be involved with athletics and the desire to help make a difference in both his players and their families’ lives.

“Every great athlete has someone, someone behind them,” said Thompson. “It’s a family member, a coach, that gave them the drive to succeed.”

Since he first started coaching, he said that the collegiate athletics environment has changed.

“Being an athlete is more demanding now. There are more distractions now,” said Thompson.

Thompson said that some athletes’ attitudes have become focused on instant gratification.

“Kids would rather quit then sit,” said Thompson.

Thompson said that his teams over the years have taught him that college athletes don’t like rules, but he advises younger coaches to be flexible to keep the sport fun.

“[You] can’t let the inmates run the asylum, but in this day [and] age you have to allow them at least somewhat of a say in what’s going on,” said Thompson.

When, it comes to wins, Thompson is willing to do what it takes. His desire to win has not been suppressed by his recent accomplishment.

“It’s an old school philosophy,” said Thompson. “It’s just not a one-time thing, it’s not a sometime thing. If you want to be successful in life you got to try to win every day.”

Thompson has been the head baseball coach at Muskingum for 20 years, following his two year stint as an assistant coach.