Smokin' Burrito Joe's is the first food truck to have set up shop in New Concord. The introduction of a food truck paved the way for potential new mobile vendors to be located in the village.

Village Proposes Food Truck Amendment


A zoning code amendment proposal that would allow a food truck court in New Concord was approved by the Village Council Planning Commission on August 24.

According to the amendment, “mobile retail eating establishments” must be contained on an off-street lot, and must have 4,000 square feet of space to operate.

New Concord Village Administrator, Charlotte Colley, said the plans would have to reflect the interest shown in the survey and fit the character of the community.

“It’ll still be a process. It’s not something that’s going to happen right away,” said Colley. “It’s something that’s going to be lasting, that’s not going to be here for a couple months and then leave.”

The amendment must be read three times at Village Council before it can become permanent. If there are no major issues after the readings it may be placed into effect as early as November.

The amendment comes just months after a community survey was taken on the opinions of Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s, the first food truck in New Concord. Colley said over 50 percent of the population responded to the survey.

“Looking at the results, [the survey] was overwhelmingly positive,” said Colley. “Folks liked it. They liked the idea of having something different and new in the community.”

The feedback from the community survey resulted in the Zoning Code Amendment proposal.

The amendment would allow Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s to become a permanent location in the village. A site plan would need developed and taken to the Planning Commission and the Design Review Board for revision.

Smokin’ Burrito Joe’s is still considered a temporary business and will continue to be open during the process.

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